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Question   Boy #4
After looking thru 222 pictures of dogs my search ended when I saw boy 4 he is so adorable. I loved your photo gallery.

- ginger dillow February 24, 2012

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Question   I got some more for you
Hey, I have a dance recital coming up.
Maybe my mom can send you some pix
or you can come down.

- Claire Keiser May 03, 2011

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Question   Family
your recent shots of the family are 'really' great. I miss everyone so much
Pictures are our history. they tell our own story, through our own eyes

-  February 09, 2011

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Question   Beautiful Photos
Love your work. You have a good eye for getting that perfect shot.
Hope to see much more of you work soon.

- Sharlene Culp December 30, 2010

  Answer Thanks, Sharlene!

- Carolyn Keiser  December 30, 2010

  Answer You got to push it-this essetnial info that is!

- Lanette Lanette  October 04, 2011

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Question   Compliments
Very nice photos - I liked the ones of Kentucky. I went to school at UK and have fond memories of Keeneland and Shaker Town. Your shot of the palisades on the Kentucky River reminded of a print I have of a very similar painting by Paul Sawyer.

- Andy Collignon November 23, 2010

  Answer Thanks, Andy. I was there three weeks ago. My very first to trip to Kentucky as a "destination". You really need to take the back roads to enjoy the state's beauty. The horse farms were breathtaking!

- Carolyn Keiser  November 23, 2010

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Question   halloween nuptuals
just wanted to say hi and let you know that the pictures are awesome!. i'm looking forward to sitting down and checking out your entire site.....
it was nice meeting you and perhaps we will see you again when we're out that way.........is it possible to order prints???....

- ruth ann bradbury November 02, 2010

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Question   photos
Beautiful photos!!

- Sharon Jeselnik August 18, 2009

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Question   nice stuff!
Wonderful work Carolyne, I love the puppy pics., very cute!

- George P - www.gjp3.com June 28, 2009

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Question   Your Photos

Carolyn: Your photos are so good that it makes me realize I have not paid as much attention to the world around me as I should have. You truly have stopped and smelled the roses in your life and captured those moments in your photos. I wish I had taken up photography a long time ago.

- Nick LaForge May 29, 2009

  Answer All of the photos are wonderful. Have saved quite a few for future viewing.

- Linda Brunell  April 02, 2016

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Question   Website
What a great website! Nice pictures. And....you are STILL beautiful!


- Jeffrey Harris April 29, 2009

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Question   Love the "Photo Art"
I'm not normally a fan of lots of manipulation of photographic images, but your "Photo Art" is fantastic. I'm so impressed with how you know your way not only around your Canon cameras, but also the Photoshop program on your computer. Keep up the fantastic work!

- Tim Gregg April 28, 2009

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Question   Pictures
Your pictures are wonderful. Great website.
Carol (Funster)

- Carol Thompson April 13, 2009

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Question   I really Like This, Mickey B.
This is really good Carolyn

- Mickey Bridger April 13, 2009

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Question   Awesome!
Great job! Impossible to find a fav!

- M Rudebeck April 13, 2009

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Question   Terrific
Great set of pics. I particularly liked the seascape and STL downtown shots.
Very nice indeed. Congrats!!!

- Tom G April 13, 2009

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Question   New Website
Great job, Carolyn! Now I wish I had signed up too.

- Terry Piotraschke April 13, 2009

  Answer Wowza, porblem solved like it never happened.

- Gertie Gertie  October 04, 2011

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Question   Beauty
these are amazing.

-  April 12, 2009

  Answer Hi these photos are outstanding tShey are so clear and beautiful keep on treaty our eyes Thank you

- Sister Damian Mc Namara  May 17, 2010

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